Elegant Rosette Taffeta Pillow Cover

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Elegant Rosette Taffeta Pillow

Elegant Rosette Taffeta Pillow

It’s a trick that interior decorators have known for years – adding a few classic, stylish pillows to define the beauty of a room. Now anyone can recreate that look in their home with an elegant Rosette Taffeta Pillow.

This beautiful piece is created with the Two-Tone Spiral Rosette Taffeta Fabric together with our solid taffeta fabric. The Two-Tone Spiral Rosette Taffeta Fabric is literally a twist on the usual taffeta fabrics. The gorgeous Rosette pattern starts at a round linear point and expands outward as the spiral grows. As for the spectacular color, it starts at one tone and gradually fades to blend into a lighter shade. These color options include fuchsia, gold, black light gray, blue, and coral. With these colors, it is easy to mix and match, contrast or complement the existing décor with an elegant pillow or as many as you like.

The backing of the fabric is made from 100% Polyester Taffeta, while the patterns are made with synthetic material. The fabric comes in 54″ width with no stretch, however it is lightweight and easy to clean. Sold by the yard and in continuous yards, this unique design can be used for dresses, skirts, wedding dresses, curtain, drapes, liners, toss pillows, table cloths, vest linings, decorative head bands, and more.

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